The Kroma 35mm Reusable Film Camera 2.0 Pink

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Everything you need to know is in the name Kroma comes from chromatic aberration, a photographic phenomenon caused by light rays passing through a lens at different colours, lengths and speeds. With soft vegan leather casing, life-proof plastic and a handy wrist strap, our take-me-anywhere camera is built to capture the short days, long nights, fast flights, blue seas and bright rays of a sun-soaked state of mind.

SIZE: 120mm (W) x 65mm (H) x 40mm (D) / Lens 28mm F/8 / Focus 1m to ∞/ Shutter speed 1/120S /

Power Source: 1X NEW AA battery for flash (not included)

Film: (not included) We suggest Liburans Kroma 400 ISO colour film for the perfect way to treasure your leisure.