About Us


Redefining Outlet Shopping

As an experiential view into the past, The Archive Place houses past garments, artifacts, one of a kind pieces from the best creative designers around the world. Aesthetically led, with luxury in mind, we are redefining the outlet shopping experience.

Unlike typical outlets filled with over-excitement and multiple exclamation marks, The Archive Place strips away the overwhelming noise that exists in the discounting world and the hype tactics that convince you to buy now and throw away later.

We do not believe these well-crafted pieces devalue over time, despite what the current fashion system tells us. Therefore, we advocate considered design, artisanal craftsmanship, and celebrate the unique story behind each designer above all else. We truly hope within these pages you will find a treasured piece that is destined to become a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Extending The Life-Cycle Of Fashion

Our mission is to empower our community to extend the life-cycle of fashion. We are enabling brands to re-circulate their archive pieces; and by carefully finding a home for them, we are also making sure the clothing doesn’t end up in the landfill once it leaves the brand’s door.